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Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit

July 25, 2018 | Nicole Bartlett, Owner of Louisville Salt Cave

I’m the owner of Louisville Salt Cave and opened this business because of my passion for preventative health. After many years working with immune function, and with one heck of a drive to keep my family healthy, I’ve learned to heal the mind, body, and spirit, as one unit. I don’t believe physiology is the only explanation for any condition.

Both of my boys had ear tubes before the age of 3 because I couldn’t keep them out of daycare long enough to allow them to heal on their own. They would go through multiple rounds of antibiotics to reverse the infections that always showed back up. We opened the Cave when baby girl was 8 months old and I think she’s had a total of 2 ear infections in her 3.5 year life.

I want to share what took me a long time to adapt from the baby years, and what I’ve learned since then regarding my own health and healing. I hope you find it useful.

  1. Time – We all need time to heal and getting sick, or having sick kids, is never convenient. The best solution to prevent illness is to build in daily breaks. 20 minutes a day of sitting still without distraction does wonders for prevention – 2 minutes helps if you can’t make 20 work. Start somewhere.
  2. Saline – If you can’t get your kid to the Cave during Kid’s Play, flush them! I can’t count how many times we dragged our kids to the pediatrician only to be told to use saline. Salt has been used as a natural preservative (antimicrobial) for years.
  3. Lavender and Frankincense EO baths – Mix a few drops (2-3 each) in milk to emulsify the fats and allow for better absorption through the skin. Our oils are therapeutic grade and should be respected as drugs and only used as needed. It can minimize the sickness and serves as a fantastic sleep aid.
  4. Fluids – This is hands down the best solution to lessening illness. Herbal teas offer a number of benefits, you can pick up The Green Pharmacy at the Cave if you want an easy at-home reference. Avoid sugary drinks as they cause inflammation which worsens symptoms.
  5. Self-Care – Solutions are difficult to see during times of stress and suffering. Unconditional love and nurturing does so much for the spirit and our innate ability to heal is magnificent!
  6. Belief – Did you know the placebo effect is 60% effective? I loved Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You are the Placebo. If you don’t believe there’s a solution, if you don’t believe there’s a chance, there won’t be. So often there is a lesson to learn in illness, and slowing down enough, being accepting of what is being shown to us, oftentimes provides the answer we’re seeking.
  7. Some additional things I want to include are: Good vitamins, we use Juice Plus because it’s straight forward fruits and vegetables and we see results. Contact me for more info. Non-antibacterial hand soap and diligent hand washing – why can’t we all just get along? Salt Lamps – good vibes, clean air, better sleep – testimonials say it all!