Storm Season and Damage to Your Home Tips

July 3, 2019 | Joe Wheatley, President of Storm guard

Now that we are heading into the tail end of peak season for storms, you may think you are in the clear of damaging weather! Remember, this is Kentucky and seasons change by the day (or the hour in some cases) and need to always be on the alert and know what to do when damage occurs.

Every Spring, our area gets battered by wind and hail. When the first big event occurs, you will notice many people in your neighborhood representing a plethora of companies knocking on your door to offer their services. Not all of these folks are bad contractors and can be very helpful in restoring your property to new. But beware of the out of town “storm chasers” as they come in droves only to leave as quickly as they came with shoddy workmanship and useless warranties left behind. Do your homework and make sure companies you work with are accredited and in good standing with the BBB and able to provide you with referrals and a local office you can visit, if necessary.

Don’t be afraid to file a claim when damage is present…that is what your insurance is for!  You typically have up to a year to file with most carriers after a storm event. The dilemma most homeowners have is that they don’t see signs of damage, such as leaking, to justify filing a claim. Unfortunately, signs of damage may not occur until well after your deadline to file a claim and leave you vulnerable for property loss.

Once you pick a contractor, read over their contract agreement carefully as most companies will have you sign a “contingency” contract first. This agreement will not become valid unless your insurance company approves the replacement of any damage to your property via the claims process. It’s fine to give a deposit of up to 50% of the contract cost but no more than that and then pay the balance upon completion of work.  You MUST pay your deductible!!!  This is insurance fraud if you attempt to get out of paying this. If you run across a contractor willing to pay your deductible, then run away as I can assure you the money he “saves” you will come back to you in unwanted leaks and repair costs that will come out of your pocket since that contractor will be out of business or long gone from here.

Do a final walk through with your contractor pointing out any damage during construction and give them time to fix any errors. Mistakes will happen but be patient with contractors as there are many moving parts. If the company did great work, please leave a review or give a referral to that company. We always see the negative in people on social media but there are plenty of positive stories out there to be seen.

If you want a complementary inspection of your property and a company that can educate you on the options you have moving forward, give us a call and we’d be glad to help out!