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Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene

April 1, 2020 | Jay Mallory | ImageQuest

Are you new to “work from home”? Or are you a seasoned out-of-office worker?

Either way, we want to help you survive this current social distancing period by reminding you to also practice good CYBER hygiene.

We speak of cybersecurity here. We have a handy PDF of our top 10 tips which should prevent 95 to 99 percent of problems when you work away from the in-house corporate network environment.

Unfortunately the world we live in now not only requires us to wash our hands for 20 seconds but also to be alert for phishing emails. These scams currently pose as coronavirus updates, fraudulent “updates” from your company or school, or as sites to donate money to help.

Cybersecurity experts such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation are warning that phishing attacks have increased more than 600 percent. Criminals know we are distracted by the virus and eager to take advantage of that.

Yes, the virus is sickening people in nations that sponsor what the U.S. Department of Justice call Advanced Persistent Threat hackers. But hackers also can be “remote workers,” and apparently a number of them are healthy enough to continue their campaigns to ruin U.S. businesses.

When you work away from the in-house network, your account may not have some of the automatic protections you have in-office. We don’t want you unwittingly adding to

So please, review our tips in the PDF and practice cyber hygiene along with your other hygiene steps!