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5 Tips for Training for a 5k

May 5, 2021 | Profile by Sanford – Middletown

April 2021 | Profile

So, you have decided to walk, run, bike, hop, skip, or even swim your way through a 5K! Right now, you may be thinking, “Who voluntarily signs up to walk a whole 3.1 miles?!” Before reading the tips for training for a 5K below, first, give yourself props for wanting to do something new, exciting, or challenging. Now, commit to these 5 tips that will get you to the start line and through to the finish:

1) Grab a partner in crime

Everything is easier when you have a partner by your side! You might not be training to rob a bank (hopefully) but having a friend’s support can make your journey more fun. Grab a close friend, family member, or even that one co-worker who always seems to go to the bathroom at the same time as you! This person can help you stay motivated. They can go on walks with you, ask you how you are doing outside of training, and offer words of encouragement when you need them. And what makes all these benefits even better is that you can help your friend in all the same ways. Mutual support can go a long way when you are working towards a goal… even a whole 3.1 miles!

2) Drink Water (even during the race!)

Speaking of criminal activity, did you know that drinking during a 5K is not frowned upon? It is fully encouraged! Nobody has ever been arrested while drinking water or electrolytes during their bike ride… at least according to local public records. But in all seriousness, it is important to make sure you are staying hydrated not only on the day of your race, but on your 5K training days too.

In addition to your 64 ounces of water, you can try drinking an extra 8 ounces, 30 minutes before starting your workout. This will help ensure your body has the proper hydration it needs to keep your body moving. There are additional specific water intake recommendations for working out, but you do not need to be bored with numbers right now. So, to keep it simple, whenever you think about getting a drink of water, just drink some water. This does not mean you have to drink a full cup every time. Even a few sips can be just what your body needs to stay feeling good during your training.

3) Music that motivates

You may have heard the phrase, “Music is a window to the soul.” Well, let’s take that a step further and say, “Music is a window to the soles of your feet.” And if you are wondering… yes, we also cringed at those puns. But you get the point. Music is a terrific way to get pumped up while working out. Finding what tunes work best for you can help you cross the finish line of your 5K.

As you are training for a 5K, try out several styles of music. Maybe rap music keeps you moving, or maybe pop music is more your style. Maybe you even find that country is just the right amount of bounce to keep your feet moving along! Not sure where to start or want to try something new? Give our Profile 5K Any Way playlist a try.

4) Be prepared

This tip may seem obvious, but it is still important. There are some things that may be helpful to know before race day. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Where will you be for the race?
  • What will the weather be like?
  • Have you decided if you are walking, running, biking, or swimming?
  • What should you be doing to train?

If you are training for the Profile 5k Any Way, the information you need can be found on the registration site. If you need more information, simply ask. Profile has many resources at your disposal. This includes a training plan for a 5K, info on how to complete your 5K, and even an email ( you can send any additional questions. With all these resources available, it should make training for a 5K easier!

5) Stay cool!

The last, and most important tip you will need is to stay cool! Do not stress about how fast you cross the finish line or if your 5K turns out exactly how you expect. Focus on the goal you have made and remember how awesome you are for doing a 5K. You are going to complete a whole 3.1 miles. This is an incredible accomplishment that when you are done, nobody will ever be able to take away from you. As you train, train with confidence. Walk with your head held high. Because you are strong. You can do this!

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