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Be A Part Of Your Community

May 2, 2018 | Bill Reynolds – Element 502 

In business, we provide our time in exchange for money. Our employees give us their time and in exchange we provide a paycheck and benefits. For customers, we provide our time and resources in exchange for money. Really, that is the backbone of business and our economy.

But what if we are missing another component? What if we viewed our time as a credit rather than a debit. Here’s what I mean.

As a company, we have had the opportunity to work with many non-profits. Many times it’s a group of people without a lot of money, but that do have a heart for serving and compassion for helping. In our realm of marketing, we are often given the opportunity to help get their message in front of others for fundraising as well as letting people who could benefit know about their services and offerings. The rewarding part about that is what we get as a company.

To tell someone else’s story you have to know it well. Imagine taking the time to really listen to the reason someone started a non-profit. You get to know their story and the back-story. When that happens, its no longer just a story. Instead, it becomes part of yours. And that is where service can begin.

As business owners, its part of our responsibility to serve in our neighborhoods. This may be through financial contributions, in-kind donations, or organizing for employees to volunteer time without affecting vacation or PTO. One step further may be to volunteer a day for the whole company to go and serve together.

However you do it, I encourage you to spend some time this month and look at some ways to invest in the community around us. It’s worth it.