Making a Lifestyle Change in 2019

Making a Lifestyle Change in 2019

January 2, 2019 | Jamal Thruston, Profile by Sanford

What’s that? You have a New Year’s goal of losing weight for 2019? Perfect! Before you move forward, please review the following 3 tips to ensure that 2019 is the best year for your transformation.

Learn from the Past

You’ve never failed, you have only fallen.  About two years ago, a new client came to me, visibly nervous. He said that he’s never lost more than about 30 lbs. with a weight loss program.  He didn’t think it was possible. He was very hesitant with moving forward with another attempt of a lifestyle change due to his past.

What we did is we looked at every attempt he made with making a lifestyle change, and answered the question, “What worked for you and what didn’t?” Everything that worked for him, we wrote in one column, and everything that didn’t, we wrote in another.  With this foundation, we create a plan that applied all lessons from his past.

He lost over 100 lbs. that year.  You’ve never failed, you have only fallen. Learn from the past.

Get Accountability 

You’re motivated. You’re excited. 2019 is your year and you plan on going about some changes on your own. Let me share a new statistic: You’ll lose 3x more weight working with a coach than trying on your own.

Who wants 3x more results? If that’s you, then I highly suggest searching for an accountability system.  Think about it – we had accountability in school to do hard projects and to get things done, we have accountability at work so that we get challenging tasks done, and now with one of the hardest things to do ever – we’re going to go about this with no support?

We accomplish BIG things with accountability. The client I mentioned may not have lost 100 lbs. without accountability to our plan. Think about all the accomplishments you’ve made that wouldn’t have happened without some form of accountability.  Sometimes we have to throw away our pride, and ask for help. Get accountability.

Become Friends with Low-Starch Vegetables 

Wait, what? Ooh come on, vegetables!?

Listen, I’ve been in the weight management industry for several years, and I’ve learned that if everyone had at least two servings (cups) of low-starch vegetables per meal, a lot of folks would lose weight. Even better, if those servings could be progressed even higher, it could result in even stronger results.

(Low-starch vegetables are your foods like spinach, kale, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.  These are way lower in calories and starch than your potatoes and beans.)

So, how can we get stronger results?

For one, low-starch vegetables are super low in calories.  When your plate is full of these types of vegetables, your plate naturally can end up being a lower calorie plate and still be a lot of food!

Second, low-starch vegetables have fiber.  Fiber is a nutrient that not only is good for your health, it’s also helpful with keeping you full.  Imagine this … losing weight, and never being hungry.  If you can befriend vegetables, you can enjoy this reality.

What makes this a challenge for most individuals is a lot of us have poor experience with the taste of vegetables.  I have one promise for you: you’re one good recipe away from liking vegetables. Find either an individual or a business who’s knowledgeable in recipes and healthy eating and use them as a resource.

Seriously, become friends with low-starch vegetables. 


Author: Jamal Thruston, Profile by Sanford.

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