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What are you doing today, to create a World you want to live in?

April 8, 2020 | Nicole Bartlett; Louisville Salt Cave

The beautiful thing about the world under quarantine is we’re finding new ways to connect and lift one another up. I was actually inspired by the commercials last night after tuning in to Survivor (it felt fitting).

It seems that the Universe has delivered again when my focus for the year was to reign in energetically. This slowing down provides a gift of deliberate allowance for what needs to come up for us to work through. Aren’t we trying not to fall back into old patterns of doing things? Trying to find compassion and the beauty in each moment? We have to believe there is something bigger than any of us can comprehend waiting on the other side.

In this place of uncertainty, one gift we can offer ourselves and community is allowance. There has been a strong desire to connect with you all, but we’re not sure how to do that when the Cave seems to be the place of refuge. We understand everyone is dealing with their own struggles around this displacement but we want your input on how to best serve you when we reopen.

We decided to take preventative measures mid-March and close before any mandates came out because prevention and community are core values. The only thing known by Friday of that week was that we didn’t know enough, and it was best for us to step back to regroup so that we could serve our community on the back end of this thing.

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re working on ensuring the safest possible environment for your salt therapy experience. This modality is going to be more essential than ever with the need for healthy lung and immune function being a priority for us all.

And we’re being very intentional with this recent gift of time.

Our family has been reading The Giver this week. This futuristic world shelters their community from the pains and pleasures of life, because it makes for good order, but there was so much hidden from the people in the process.

Our daily discussions around the story and what is happening in our world give us talking points about our ability to create freedom through choice and we’re learning so much from our children who provide unique perspectives.

The Four Agreements shares the wisdom of the Toltec who believe our dreams (conscious and unconscious) create our reality. If this is true, what do we have to learn from what we’ve created so far? What are you doing every day to create the future you want to be a part of?

I want to know. And I want to slow down enough to love you through it all.