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LEAP Group’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 27, 2020| John Rivers III; LEAP Group Network

LEAP Group’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have been forced to close, drastically change normal processes or completely pivot their operations. LEAP Group helped our clients figure out their new normal, and now we are offering our expertise to help brands get back to business.

Our in-house digital, business development, creative, and research and analytics teams built resource guides for creating content while normal studio spaces are closed, and laid out steps on how to drive new leads while spending is scarce. Our research team even uncovered how consumers are expected to spend their dollars as businesses reopen. Here are the full range of topics and solutions you can read in our whitepapers:

  • How COVID-19 Affects Marketing
  • Strategic Shifts to Stay Social
  • How Brands Will React as Businesses Reopen
  • What Does the Pandemic Crisis Mean for Brand Foundations?
  • Various Revenue Streams to Adopt During COVID-19 and Beyond
  • Connecting from a Distance
  • Search Features in a New Normal

As businesses reopen or adjust to new phases, LEAP Group will offer these whitepaper resources for free — no payment or personal information required — to help consumers, marketers and business owners navigate new waters.

“When the coronavirus first caused us to work from home, our first thought was obviously to our friends, family and the safety of our employees. But our next thought was to our clients and how they deserved our best in order to navigate through uncharted territory,” said Alan Gilleo, CMO of LEAP Group. “We hope these whitepapers are helpful — from businesses that are still closed to businesses starting to figure out their reopening plans.”

In addition to the whitepapers, LEAP Group has assembled helpful resources for businesses during this time. From Adweek’s continuously updated guides for marketers to HubSpot’s lower point of entry for businesses and tips for filling out loans, LEAP Group wants this landing page to be easily accessible and ultimately beneficial to marketers and brands.

Check out our whitepapers and landing page:

For any questions on LEAP Group’s whitepapers or resources, please reach out to John Rivers III at